Künstlerin/Choreografin, Kuratorin, Dramaturgin

She studied German, philosophy and political sciences in Heidelberg, followed by studies in dance and choreography in Amsterdam and NYC in the mid-eighties. As a freelance curator, choreographer, dramaturge and artistic co-director, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr has been responsible for the content of all productions and events of the Tanzinitiative Hamburg since 2002. She focuses on developing distinct performance formats and, by bringing together artists from various genres, consistently generates new forms of presentation in the field of choreography and performance. In her own artistic work she is currently interfacing choreography with fine arts, installations, video and digital media. She combines digital formats with her very own aesthetic handwriting, whereby she is always interested in performance art as form of participation in the context of social developments. She is currently active on the board of the umbrella organization for the performing artists in Hamburg. From season 18/19, she receives the three-year Hamburg Conception Grant.


Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Instagram: @barbaraschmidtrohr

  • Lecture

    Lecture: KEIN DRAMA Universität Hamburg

    Digitality and Liveness

    → Uni Hamburg
  • Guest Performance

    Future Dreams


    → Schwankhalle
  • Dramaturgy

    The endless skin of the Axolotl

    Dancesolo by Yolanda Morales and Team, with Sara Ezzell:
    basement of the Kraftwerk Bille, Hamburg

    → https://www.yolandamorales.net/
  • Dramaturgy


    Dance-Performance by Yolanda Morales

    → Lichthof-Theater
  • Podium


    Network meeting free music theater

    → Stimme X
  • Dramaturgy

    What if you fly..

    Danceproduction by Niss/Potapov

    → Lichthof-Theater
  • Performance

    Steinstaub / Festival Hauptsache Frei

    Kampnagel Hamburg
    Multimedia Show for young audience

    → Kampnagel
  • Dramaturgy


    Performance / Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg

    → Dasniya Sommer
  • Performance

    Stay Romantic

    Kampnagel Hamburg

    → Kampnagel
  • Award


    Hamburg Children's Theater Award Ceremony 2021
    St. Pauli Theater

    → Hamburgische Kulturstiftung
  • Dramaturgy

    Das Revier

    by SV Szlachter
    Urban Intervention / Hansaplatz Hamburg

    → Kampnagel
  • Dramaturgy


    by THORD1S

    → Lichthof-Theater
  • Dramaturgy


    A Music-Show by Thord1s
    Club TURTUR, Hamburg

    → Thord1s
  • Dramaturgy

    Tanzproduktion: Horses

    by Yolanda Morales
    Kraftwerk Bille Hamburg

    → Tickets: Lichthof Theater Hamburg
  • Dramaturgy


    LǡrLår – a Danceperformance by Victoria Hauke
    Hamburg, Studio Lämmersieth

    → Victoria Hauke
  • Art Installation

    Future Dreams 2021

    Festival Hauptsache Frei
    Kraftwerk Bille Hamburg

    → Festival Hauptsache Frei
  • Research

    The Tenderness of Materials

    Researchproject in progress with Ana-Laura Lozza, Barbara Hang, Jimena Pérez Salerno

    → Vimeo
  • Performance

    We love Maria and Maria loves us

    Galerie Melike Bilir, Admiralitätstr. 71, Hamburg

    → Galerie Melike Bilir
  • Dramaturgy

    The Rest of Dance

    by Anna-Laura Lozza & Barbara Hang
    k3 Tanzplan Hamburg / Kampnagel

    → Kampnagel
  • Dramaturgy

    Online-Show: Imagines

    by Lois Bartel
    Lichthof Theater

    → Lichthof Theater
  • Dramaturgy

    Danceproduction: Nerven

    by Yolanda Morales
    Lichthof Theater Hamburg

    → Lichthof Theater
  • Dramaturgy

    Performance: Schlagsahne

    by Regina Rossi
    Kampnagel Hamburg

    → program Kampnagel
  • Text

    Contribution in Book-Publication: »Masters of the Universe«

    Publisher: Theater der Zeit

    → Theater der Zeit
  • Interview

    Plateau #29

    now! sustainable funding

    → Listen to it
  • Panel discussion

    Jetzt weiter

    … move on to promote free art in Hamburg!
    The DfdK invites cultural politicians on the occasion of the elections to the Hamburg parliament.

    → DfdK
  • World premiere

    Die Kommenden Träume

    Barbara Schmidt-Rohr and Daniel Hengst
    Kampnagel Hamburg

    → Kampnagel
  • World premiere


    Barbara Schmidt-Rohr and Helen Schröder
    Kampnagel Hamburg

    → program Kampnagel
  • Dramaturgy


    Dramaturgy for »Copycats 2019« with Annika Scharm and Hannah Wischnewski
    Kampnagel Hamburg

    → program Kampnagel

Die Kommenden Träume 2020







Premiere: February 7th, 2020
Kampnagel Hamburg

Digital Art, Installation & Performance

The performative media installation »Die Kommenden Träume« shows video portraits of 63 children. In the videos they find themselves in imagined virtual worlds. On the real stage, adult performers take up the children’s dreams in their movements. In the videos, the young protagonists create choreographies for a future in which digital economies such as mixed, augmented and virtual reality have become a natural part of our everyday lives. The arrangement of the videos is determined by a self-learning code that searches the film material for similarities in costumes, faces and movements. The result is a technical narrative similar to that which digital surveillance technologies and social media already produce of us all.

Concept, choreography, programming, videos, sound: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Daniel Hengst
Performance, video: 63 Kinder und Jugendliche aus Hamburg
Scenography, video: Marie-Luise Balzer 
Performance, choreography, stage: Andrea Krohn, Yolanda Morales, Guy Marsan, Juliana Oliveira 
Costumes: Lanika 
Make-Up: Ilona Klein 
Production support: Alfons Dörner, Andrea Krohn, Juliana Oliveira, Claudia Plöchinger, Linda Schirmel, Jonas Woltemate 
Graphics: Judith Hilgenstöhler 
Public relation: Christine Grosche

Funded by: Behörde for culture and media Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung in cooperation with PwC Stiftung, Fonds Darstellende Künste from funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for culture and media

Thank you to: all children, parents and familys, film locations, and fellow researchers, Grundschule Mittlerer Landweg, Chinesische Schule in Hamburg, Theater Zeppelin, Erika Klütz- Schule für Theatertanz und Tanzpädagogik, Dennis Dröscher, Fanny Cold, Fiona Gordon, Nikita Gusev, Jens Hasenberg, Véronique Langlott, Ana-Laura Lozza, Lars Parmakerli, Mable Preach, Anne Pretzsch, Iason Roumkos, Maria S. Scaroni, Thomas Schaupp, Anna Semenova-Ganz, Kerstin Steeb, Anna Teuwen, Yaniv Jöns-Anders, Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Jingyuan Wang